About Arthur&Adonis

Welcome to Arthur&Adonis. Our vision is to create
elegant and usable tableware to be enjoyed by both
parents and kids.

Our products are made by combing playful and elegant
illustrations with easy-to-wash materials. Our tableware
is the perfect gift for your own child, or a friend’s or
relative’s little one.

Arthur&Adonis is based and inspired by Stockholm, and
designed in Paris by the talented Lina Nordin Gee.

Arthur&Adonis was founded in the Spring of 2020 by
Elin Fokas-Schuettinger with the aim of creating beautiful
and functional kids’ tableware. Tired of having to choose
between elegance over function for her son, she created
the brand to combine the two. Arthur&Adonis is named
after her son, Arthur, and her father Adonis.